About Havanese ….

The Havanese Bichon is originally from Cuba, where it is the official national dog.   They are also called Havanese silk dogs because of the particularly silky texture of their coat.   Once the dog of the aristocracy, it is now a perfect companion dog in great demand all over the world!

It is a solid little dog of 8 to 14 pounds, with a well-balanced character that knows how to adapt to different lifestyles. He can also live harmoniously with other animals.

He is playful and has a very endearing personality, sometimes even mischievous. He is also easy to train.  Add to this list the fact that the Havanese loses little or no hair and is rarely the cause of allergies.

The Havanese standard accepts a wide variety of colours, which adds to its charm.   White, black, chocolate, red, grey, beige, brindle, with or without white; the diversity is great and the colour of many of them changes a lot from birth to maturity.