My Dogs



Angel’s Charli Ophelia

Registered in Russia and CKC

Daisy was born in Russia.  She is a very beautiful Wheaten of Irish type.    She is also very affectionate and has an excellent temperament.   Her coat is beautiful fine and shiny and  also very easy to maintain.  All her health tests are excellent.  And, like all Wheatens, she has multiple talents.  She has even obtained her diploma of aptitude for herding where other dogs of breeds more recognized for this task have failed.   Daisy will stay with us bit unfortunately  won’t have puppies.






 Alice de Sylkylou


Registered at the CKC


Alice our  little Havanese girl does not give her place in the family despite her small size.  She is solid, playful and has a well balanced temperament.    Her joie de vivre is communicative.    

Alice is retired.




Paz Amor Collette Play by the rules

She has everything to please.

A very nice conformation, an incredibly  silky  sable red  coat and an excellent character.

A big thank you to Diane Moshe !

Betty will certainly do some shows as soon as they start again.

She should have her first puppies in 2022