Havanese Bichon


Irish soft coated Wheaten Terrier


Recently retired, I decided to devote my time to my passion, raising dogs.

I have chosen 2 breeds that have in common the silky texture of their hair,   the Irish soft coated Wheaten Terrier and the Havanese Bichon.

Both breeds also share a beautiful intelligence and a good sense of humor that make them pleasant companions!      As a bonus, these are dogs that shed very little hair and rarely cause allergies.

My Wheaten Daisy was born in Russia, where there are a lot of beautiful Irish Wheaten Terriers.  She comes from a long line of Champions!

This type of wheaten is much rarer in America and it is with pride that I offer you the opportunity to acquire one here.

My dogs are part of the family and meet the standard of their respective breed. 

Their temperament is excellent as well as their conformation and health.


Sylvie Ruel

Lévis, QC, Canada

G6C  0A1